About this site

We are constantly learning. Some things are small, even unconscious, some are huge, some are useless, some are literally life-saving. And part of the beauty of the internet is the ability to share these lessons with other people in an indexed, searchable, and near-instantly accessible way.

This is not what I would call a “how-to” site. While it may be inspired to some degree by them, this is more about relating what has worked for me. I generally find the only universal rule is there are no universal rules, or at least nothing you can’t bluff your way around with a little quick thinking.

Rather, this is intended as a sort of informational and entertaining narrative, a way for me to share the lessons I have learned that others may be able to take something from, not to mention as a personal catalog of particularly useful information. Be it traveling or going nowhere, I’m always looking for a new experience to learn something from, and it seems appropriate that I should pass along my findings to you, The Internet.

Also, it lets me practice being interesting and/or funny, something I think we would all like to be more of.

So, I hope you find something you can take away here, even if it’s what you’d like to avoid.

– Reuben

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