Ben’s Energy Wrap


Of all my friends, I count Ben as one of the more valuable sources of field-tested information for hiking. Ben has hiked across the desert in Israel, walked the entire PCT in a summer (with dog in tow), and tramped around the backwoods of Washington and Oregon doing forest surveys.

The guy has done some walking.

And when it comes to food, he knows what packs well and what’ll keep you going, so naturally on one of our climbing trips, he turned me on to a recipe for a wrap that’s easy to throw in a pack, gives you tons of energy, and tastes great.

This is especially necessary for climbing; when you go climbing anywhere but the gym or your local “city crag”, you’re bound to burn a lot of energy not just climbing but actually getting to the climb as well. This is especially true on the colder days when even sitting at the base of the crag belaying, you’ll be burning calories just keeping warm. And really, you’re going to get sick of energy bars at some point, so you want something that doesn’t taste like granola and chocolate for a change.

Ben’s Energy Wrap
Whole wheat large tortillas
1 small container hummus -or- herb cream cheese
1 vacuum-sealed pouch flavored tuna (I like herb & garlic or lemon pepper)
1 avocado
2 small roma tomatoes (withstands more abuse in your pack)

Spread the hummus or cream cheese on the tortilla, add the tuna, slice and add the avocado and tomatoes, fold and eat. Makes 2 wraps or one very, very large wrap.

Bear in mind, this is not ultralight packing food, and obviously not all ingredients will compress well (unless you prefer tomato sauce to slices), but for a one- or two-day outing, this should keep you going and give you a load of protein and vitamins.

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