The Local: Sydney, Australia

Beer, it loves you too

Traditionally, the neighborhood pub has been a place to gather to socialize, have a pint after work, and maybe get some dinner. The nearest pub therefore is simply referred to as “The Local”. In this series, I’ll be giving a review of my top “locals” by region and my favorite drink to have there.

Along with its beaches, BBQs, and strange, cuddly, and often dangerous creatures, Australia is well known for being a country that likes its beer. Neighborhood pubs are a standard fixture for social and family get-togethers, and while there are a fair number of imports to be found, Australia also has quite a number of well-established breweries scattered around the country turning out some quality brews.

Sydney being the size it is, a comprehensive list of quality venues is fairly impossible, but as with any large task, you have to start somewhere. And really, there are worse undertakings.

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